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by The Happy Three, LLC

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This is a story of fun and adventure! Preston, a pumpkin spice cupcake, is adopted into the O’Nilla family. Although Preston loves the O’Nilla’s very much, he’s not sure he really fits into this party-throwing family. Instead of throwing sprinkles, Preston’s more likely to be observing everyone else. This sets him on a journey to find his place in the kitchen, where he meets several fun characters along the way—and eventually finds out everyone has a place in the party!


released November 20, 2012

© 2012 The Happy Three, LLC

ISBN Book Goodness

Music by The Tiny Bots, www.thetinybots.com
© 2012 Tiny Bot Music [BMI]
& all that legal jargon

Printed in China
CPSIA Section 103 (a) Compliant
ID: M0120349. Tracking No.: M2212516-8732

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ISBN-10: 0985838701
ISBN-13: 978-0-9858387-0-6

Editing: Rob Heidrick
Music: The Tiny Bots
Engineering, mixed & mastered: Antonio Florencio Delgado Segundo
Assistant engineer, design & layout: Tiffany Lynn Young
Illustrations: Lindsay Anne O’Neal

Character voices

Narration: Kelly M. Whitenack
Preston: Antonio Florencio Delgado Segundo
Frenchie: Tiffany Lynn Young
Bean: Gene Davis
Papa O’Nilla: Benjamin F. Stewart III
Mama O’Nilla: Melissa Mixon
Broc: Mark R. Collins
Carrot: Ranjana Thomas
Gus: Nick Warrenchuk
Turnip: Heath Robinson
Human mom: Kelsey Robinson
Salt: Lisa Pulsifer
Suga: Heather Lee Calvillo
Milk: Rich Vasquez
Bundt: Eric Pulsifer
Green beans: Lindsay Anne O’Neal
Can #1: Skipper McWithey
Can #2: Preston McWithey

“The Sprinkles Song”
Tiffany Lynn Young, Melissa Mixon and Gene Davis

“It’s a Great Big Kitchen”
Heather Lee Calvillo and Antonio Florencio Delgado Segundo

“Shake it Like a Cupcake”
Tiffany Lynn Young and Antonio Florencio Delgado Segundo



all rights reserved
Track Name: Greeting
Hello and thanks for joining us. The Happy Three presents to you 'Jump Little Cake, Jump!' written, recorded and illustrated by your new friends Lindsay Anne O'Neal, Tiffany Lynn Young, and Antonio Florencio Delgado.
Feel free to join us by reading along in your copy of the book. Happy listening and remember to always share the sprinkles.
Track Name: Introduction
The O’Nilla family comes from a long line of cupcakes who live to celebrate the day—any day and every day. Fun is always on the top of the agenda.

Everything you assume about a cupcake is true. You have cupcakes for birthdays, baby showers, the last day of school, weddings, bar mitzvahs, bat mitzvahs, quinceañeras, sweet 16s, picnics, holidays and for straight A’s. Cupcakes are there for you, and they bring the party with them.

Ask yourself, “Have I ever eaten a cupcake and been sad? Have I ever eaten a cupcake and cried?” Science has proven that the chances are 0.00062%, according to the University of Statistics, Chances and Greater Mathematics. And we all know that if science can prove it, it must be true.

So you might be wondering,

“How does a cupcake celebrate?”

With sprinkles, of course.
Track Name: It's Time To Celebrate And Party
“Where is Preston?” Mama O’Nilla said.

“Yeah, where is he?” Frenchie questioned with anticipation. “It’s time to celebrate and party! I mean, it’s Thursday and it’s his turn in the party calendar.”

“YEAH, PARTY!” Bean exclaimed. Then the cupcakes broke into song and dance.
Track Name: The SPRINKLES Song
S-P-R-I-N-K--L-E-S Hey Hey
S-P-R-I-N-K--L-E-S Hey Hey
S-P-R-I-N-K--L-E-S Hey Hey
S-P-R-I-N-K--L-E-S Hey Hey

Cause there is a party going on
And we're going to have some fun
Cause there is a party going on
And we're going to have some fun
Be there or be square
Be there or be square

Cause there'll be sprinkles and cake
And surprises await
And helium baloons and a Joyous monsoon
And smiles all around as we sinigng to thesound
So Preston please join in
Oh, Preston please join in!
Track Name: We Can't Start Without Our Special Guest
Then Papa O’Nilla stepped in and halted the song with a voice of reason, “Wait! We can’t start without our special guest.”

Without missing a beat, Bean began to wave his hands. “I think I see him there in the corner.”

All the cupcakes turned to see Preston’s back toward them. He was peering out of the container into the kitchen, and cleaning his glasses. As the newest member of the family, Preston completed the baker’s dozen.

“Why don’t we surprise him?” Bean proposed in a hushed tone. “Yeah! We could surprise him and it would be great!” he repeated, selling the idea to himself.

“We could surprise him. But isn’t the party already on the calendar?” Frenchie questioned.

“We could surprise him because it’s in the calendar!” Bean retorted.

“OK! Everyone grab your sprinkles!” Mama O’Nilla exclaimed in excitement.
Track Name: Preston's Run-In With His Family
The crew of cupcakes quickly gathered their gear of happiness and snuck up behind Preston wearing blissful smiles.

“Surprise!” the cupcakes yelled as sprinkles filled the air like confetti at a concert.

“Ah ... thanks guys. Why don’t you start the party without me?” Preston said timidly.

“Oh, but we are having the party in your honor ’cause it’s Thursday!” Bean reminded him.

“Yeah, it’s in the calendar!” Frenchie cited with her clipboard in hand.

“I know, but, it’s just, well ... yeah, in a moment,” Preston said and without hesitation, the remaining dozen went on to party without him.

As the party came to an end, Preston approached his parents with a solemn face.

“I have something to confess. I’m not like you. I’m not as fun. I like parties and I like sprinkles. I like you. But I can’t pretend. I’ve got glasses, and I’m not made of vanilla, but pumpkin and spices. And I have to admit, sometimes I would rather just watch the fun instead of joining in,” Preston said.

The crowd of cupcakes gasped so hard they nearly sucked the air out of their container.
Track Name: You're Still An O'Nilla
“You know, son, you may be adopted, but you are still a cupcake. You are still an O’Nilla, but you need to know about the flavor that makes you distinctly you. And every cupcake knows they are here to share joy,” his dad said.

“Does a cupcake ever have an excuse for not feeling like having a party? We each have our own talents. Frenchie does a great job keeping the calendar well organized, so our parties are never double booked. Bean’s heart of spontaneity always helps bring the fun. You see son, we all have our place in the party,” Papa O’Nilla explained.

That night, after everyone had gone to bed, Preston quietly snuck out of the container. Fear struck his heart as he had never left the container before. He had a hard time making out where he was in the darkness.


“Hey, watch your step. Some of us are trying to sleep,” Salt snapped as she snuggled with Pepper.

“I’m so sorry,” Preston whispered sheepishly.

For the next few minutes, Preston stood still like a deer in headlights. His frosting trembled as new sounds came from every direction.

Eventually, Preston stumbled past the napkin holder, and then traveled several more feet across the table.

For a cupcake, venturing out this far is a huge accomplishment. A foot to a cupcake would be the size of a city block to you and me.
Track Name: Human Encounter
Then, without notice, Preston almost lost his frosting. He made a shocking discovery: He had made it to the edge of the table. Few cupcakes had made it this far before, and even fewer knew what else was in the kitchen. For the most part, everyone kept to their own corner.

Preston didn’t know what to do.

MmmHmmm ...

“Son, are you up? And don’t you even think about getting a cupcake. It’s past your bedtime.”

Preston quivered in fear behind the cookie jar. His mind was jumbled with images of what terrible things could happen next. Would he be seen? Who would find him? The kitchen was dark and cold, and he was beginning to want to turn around and just go home.
Track Name: Preston Meets Suga'

The airtight seal of the cookie jar broke open.

“Oh, my little heart, a cupcake has lost his way! Hello, my dear. My name is Suga’ Why don’t
you come in from the cold and take a warm seat inside.”

Before Preston could mutter a word, he was inside, sitting on a stool with a hot cup of cocoa with marshmallows bewildered and wanting to keep his thoughts to himself. But Suga’ had a way with making people feel at ease. Her skin was golden and she was easy on the eyes and Preston became soft in her presence. He mentioned that he had felt out of place in the container with the others.

“The others? What do you mean, my dear? You look like a cupcake to me. Did Bundt send ya my way?”

“Bundt? Um, no. Bundt who?”

“Oh, don’t ya worry about that. Why don’t you hang your hat here tonight and I’ll send you on your way in the morning?”

“But I don’t have a hat.”

“Don’t worry about that ... In the morning, after you get some proper rest you can continue on your way. Get some rest now, little cake,” Suga’ said.
Track Name: It's A Great Big Kitchen
Hey little cake you know the journeys still long
but you'll figure out by the end of this song

But it's a great big kitchen

Yeah, it's a great big kitchen

Cause when your feeling lonely or maybe just scared
You've gotta always remember that you've got a family that cares for you!

Oh, but their so far
And I've gotta make my own way

You know there is no need to fear
Lift up your eyes and take courage my dear
You know there is no need to fear

Cause it's a great big kitchen
Cause it's a great big kitchen
Cause it's a great big kitchen
You've got friends to make
Cause it's a great big kitchen
And i've got a date with life

Oh Yeah

Hey little cake you know the journeys still long
but you figured out by the end of this song
Hey little cake you know the journeys still long
and we figured out by the end of this song
Track Name: Journey To The End Of The Counter
Preston woke up fresh. The warmth of the cookie jar helped him find a deep slumber. It was a new day and he was excited to embark on his adventure.

Suga’ helped ease some of the greatest fears a cupcake can have. She leaned over and hugged Preston.

“Now listen up, my sweetness. You keep your eyes on the
tower at the end of the counter. You’ll know when you’ve gotten to the right place.”

The kitchen may seem like a big place to someone as small as a cupcake. But Suga’ gave it a small- town vibe. And for the first time, Preston felt like he had direction.

“Now mosey on down to the fridge, find Broc and tell him that Suga’ sent you.”

The journey to the end of the counter took longer than Preston expected. Suga’ had set his heart at ease, and because he felt calmer, Preston took in the sights along the way.

When Preston got to the edge of the counter, he hung his wrapper just over the edge. With the fridge in sight, Preston had no idea how he was going to get there. It was then that he overheard the canned goods whispering amongst themselves.
Track Name: Jump Little Cake, Jump!
“Do you think the little cake is going to jump?”

“Yeah, I think he can make it!”

As they whispered amongst themselves, a chant broke out behind Preston.





Preston began to get excited. He even felt confident that he could make the jump.

“I can do it!” he told himself. He could jump. He could make it. Preston had never felt so courageous in his timid, short lifetime.

“Yeah, I can do it!” he cried aloud.

The chant had grown and enveloped him. He backed up a few steps and then ran his little body as fast as it would carry him. At the very last moment he launched himself as hard as he could toward the fridge.

The crowd cheered and Preston felt indestructible as he pushed himself away from the ledge.
Track Name: A Hush Fell Over The Crowd
A hush fell over the crowd.

“Is he ok?” the green beans whispered to the creamed corn.

Preston slid to the floor, not moving a single crumb. Then Preston’s frosting began to wiggle and he pulled himself up. The room filled with cheers.

“Hooray! He’s alive! Hooray! He did what no cupcake has ever done before! He made it!” they all cried.

Disappointed to see his glasses broken, he took a bit of frosting to set his glasses straight. Preston was embarrassed, yet the cheers from the crowd gave him courage.
Track Name: The Happy Three, LLc - Password Request
The fridge door cracked open. A large milk bottle loomed overhead, its shadow enormous on the floor. He looked around and finally set his eyes on Preston.

“PASSWORD!” Milk said in a booming voice.

Then the door slammed shut.

“Password?” thought Preston. “What password?” Preston was having a hard time thinking as he was still putting himself back together.
Track Name: Learning The Password

“Do you have the password?” Milk said impatiently.

“Um ... well ... uh ... yeah ... I don’t know. How about ...
3/4 cup butter, softened
2 ½ cup sugar
3 eggs
1 can 15 ounce solid pumpkin
1/2 tablespoon vanilla
2 1/3 cup cake flour”

Preston had always done well in school, and he thought a recipe might appease Milk, because everyone is always looking for a good pumpkin spice cake recipe.

“What? We’re not making a cake here,” Milk said.

Preston then thought back to his family and resorted to what he knew best, “Um ... Surprise!!!!!”

Milk pondered what he was dealing with. “Listen, you’re a sweet cupcake, but we have rules around here, and no one gets in without the password. So, either tell me the password or I’m going to have to send you back to where you came from. Where did you come from?”

The cupcake began to quiver with nervousness.

“Well, I’m from the cupcake container, but I just came from Suga’s place a moment ago and she told me to talk to Broc, because I left my family because I don’t fit in and they threw me a surprise party because it was Thursday and I didn’t want to party and they knew it so I told them I was different and I’m trying to find my true flavor,” Preston explained quickly in a single breath.

“Hold on there, little cake,” Milk interrupted. “If Suga’ sent you, why didn’t you say so? Anyone that’s a friend of Suga’s is a friend of mine, and boy do I have a soft spot for sweets! But next time you need to have the password, little one. It’s ‘Bundt,’ of course, but don’t be telling
anyone,” he said as he held the door open for Preston.
Track Name: Entering The Fridge
“Bundt!” Preston exclaimed. “Suga’ mentioned Bundt, too! Who is that?”

“I am sure you’ll find out soon enough, little cake, but for now, I need to show you the way to Broc like Suga’ requested. I know my way around the fridge like the back of my nutrition label,” he said. “Come this way.”

Preston was overwhelmed as he saw things he had never seen before—little berries, round and blue, strawberries, pears and apples, too.

Milk showed Preston off to everyone along the way, pointing out who was who in the fruit basket. Finally, they arrived at the Crisper. Turnip was watching the door.

“Where is Broc?”

“Oh, he’s in the back. Go on through,”

Suddenly Preston heard a steady beat and as they came upon the Beet-niks, he could hear a flow of words being flung from one to the other.

Milk asked.

Turnip replied.
Track Name: The Beetniks
“The meaning of life is books
and FInding a little nook
to sip a cup of Joe - you know
Deliberatin’, punctuatin’
and taking the time to evaluate—”

They noticed mid-thought that they were not alone.

“Oh, hey 2 percent, who’s this you have with you?” Vitamin A, the carrot, asked.

“This is Preston. Suga’ sent him—says he’s lost or something. Ran away from home. Looking for flavor. Thought you might be able to help.”

“Well, sure. We all ran away, too. We’ll show him the ropes,” Broc said.

With that, Milk said he had a carb craving and needed to get away from Preston before he did anything he’d regret.

“Oh, come on, Milk. We all know you have a sweet tooth, but you’d never hurt a cute little cupcake,” said the tall asparagus, who they all knew as Gus.
Track Name: Preston Joins The Beet
Preston was excited to meet the group. They all welcomed him immediately. He had never met a group as hip as they were before. They stayed up late at night talking about what life outside the fridge must be like, how fruits are different from veggies, and why kiwis are fuzzy.

Time passed quickly, as he never knew if it was day or night inside the Crisper.

Although Preston came to see them as brothers, he still knew he couldn’t stay forever. He cared about them, but he knew this was not his home, so he approached the group one night.

“I think it’s time for me to go,” Preston said.

“We’re all going somewhere,” Gus said.

“Yeah, one day I might be going to make carrot juice,” Vitamin A said.

“And one day I’ll be covered in cheese,” Broc said.

“Satisfying taste buds, because we aim to please,” Gus carried on.

And the Beet-niks snapped to the beat, egging one another on for each new rhyme.

Without skipping a beat, Preston jumped in.

“I hope you’ll understand. I need to find my place.
I’ve loved my time with you, but my journey must continue.
I’m looking for something grand. A purpose and knowledge of who I am. I know I have a meaning in life but thus far I’m still looking for something more.”

They snapped into applause. Preston had grown so much in the short time they had known him. It was the first time he had jumped into the beat. They would miss him, but Broc knew it was the right thing to do.

“Oh, Little Cake, you’ve come a long way. You might be right. It may be time for you to go. If you’re searching for flavor I know the place. It’s a bit of a journey, but you’ll grow along the way. You’ll find a path to the freezer behind the thermostat. Once in the freezer, you’ll find a secret
passage behind the ice machine. Then it’s straight up from there, where you’ll find our all- knowing friend Bundt. He’ll take it from there.”
Track Name: Preston Finds Courage
When Preston arrived atop the fridge, he saw a big, round piece of cake. He’d never seen a cake of such grandeur.

“He must be Bundt!” Preston thought. “Who else would be on top of the fridge?”

It was clear he had been around a while, with crumbs and pieces scattered about. He was sound asleep and snoring, without a care.

Preston waited and waited and waited for him to come to, but finally he realized he must be courageous. He had to wake up Bundt.

He stood there for a moment, pulling together all the courage he had in his thick frosting coat. When he finally went to open his lips, the tiniest whisper fell, “Bundt … are you awake?”

“That’s not courage,” Preston reprimanded himself and then straightened his swirl. “I need to be bold. I need to be flavorful. I need to be a cupcake.”

That’s when he said it. It just came out fast: “Bundt—I’m a cupcake and Preston is your friend.”
Track Name: Bundt's Wisdom
Bundt woke up with a start. “What did you say little one?”

“Um. I’m a cupcake, and I’m gonna be your friend.”

“Straightforward … I like that. It seems like you’ve come a long way. I have been watching your adventures since you left the container. Preston, let me tell you—your dad and I go back as far as the mixer. You have a loving family—look at them wave.”

Preston looked at the table he had come from and felt fulfilled. In that moment, he understood. He realized what made a complete recipe. Life is all about adding the right ingredients. Flour doesn’t make bread without butter, salt and yeast.

‘This is my family,’ he told himself. ‘I am an O’Nilla. I may not be the life of the party, but I know what it’s like to feel left out.’

“From now on, I know my place in this world of cupcakes, and that is to include everyone in the kitchen,” Preston said aloud.

“You’ve completed your journey. You are now very wise, my friend. I think you should join your family. How about a surprise?” Bundt asked.

Preston looked around. “How will I get down there?” he asked.

“There are ways,” Bundt said with a glint in his eyes.

Preston knew he had to be creative. Behind Bundt, he saw a stack of napkins. Preston raced over, grabbed two tips of the first napkin he saw, and with a smile on his face, he said, “Goodbye! It’s my time to fly.”
Track Name: Surprise Ending
“Surprise!” Preston shouted as his wrapper landed softly.


Papa O’Nilla stepped forward. “We’ve been waiting for you, son.”

“I’m an O’Nilla, Dad. I may be different, but I’m a cupcake, too,” Preston shouted.

“I know, son. You were all along.”

his family shouted back.
Track Name: The Best Party They Have Ever Had
At that, sprinkles flew, and confetti filled the air. It was the best party the O’Nillas had ever had.

…Well, since the last party, anyway.
Track Name: Shake It Like A Cupcake
Shake Shake Shake it like a cupcake
And Spin all around
When there is a cupcake involved
there is a party going on
Grab all your friends

And Shake Shake Shake it to the left
And Shake Shake Shake it to the right
Turn around and touch the ground
and give your friend a high five

And Shake Shake Shake it to the left
And Shake Shake Shake it to the right
Turn around and touch the ground
and give your friend a high five

Shake Shake Shake it like a cupcake
And Spin all around
When there is a cupcake involved
there is a party going on
Grab all your friends

Shake Shake Shake it like a cupcake
And Spin all around
When there is a cupcake involved
there is a party going on
Grab all your friends

And Shake Shake Shake it to the left
And Shake Shake Shake it to the right
Turn around and touch the ground
and give your friend a high five

And Shake Shake Shake it to the left
And Shake Shake Shake it to the right
Turn around and touch the ground
and give your friend a high five

Shake Shake Shake it like a cupcake
And Spin all around
Preston and his friends want you to join in
Turn around and touch the ground
Turn around and touch the ground
Cause the party never ends
Track Name: The End
Thanks for taking the time to us on Preston's journey to find flavor.We hope you had a great time and remember to always bring the party with you!